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Wed, 01 Jun


Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Auditorium



Time & Location

01 Jun 2022, 19:30

Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Auditorium

About the event

Tickets: $320/240/160/100

Internal booking date: from now on

Ticketing or programme enquiries: Call 2357 9316/3462 2653 or WhatsApp 6231 0505

Online booking:


"Execution of the Minister" in "The Hero and the Tiger General" 

Huang Chengbin        Weigancheng 

Shen Baiquan        as Liang Wenyong 

Situ Kaiyi  as Xie Shuang'e 

Kuang Zihuang       Xie Song  

"Chasing Under the Moon" 

  Du Yongxin  as Han Xin 

Guo Qihui  as Xiao He  

"Three Captures and Three Verticals" in "Hanjiang Pass" 

Wu Guohua  as Xue Dingshan 

Chen Jiting  Decorated with Fan Lihua  

"Uncle Golden Lotus" 

Wu Lixi  Wu Song 

Wang Jieqing  as Pan Jinlian  

"The Lonely Wild Goose Returning to the Nest" in "The Old Man Comes at the Mouth of Rouge Alley" 

  Kansan Kwan       as Shen Tongxuan 

Liang Feitong       as Song Yulan 

Guo Qihui       decorated left mouth fish 

Shen Baiquan       as Song Zhongwen 

Situ Kaiyi  as Gu Zhuqing 

Kuang Zihuang       as Song Wenmin

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